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Magnetic nanobeads for purification applications offer
A group of researchers has developed a method for preparing novel magnetic nanobeads with high affinity for metal ions. Main applications of these nanobeads are the selective enrichment of proteins, namely metalloproteases and histidine-tagged proteins from complex mixtures. These applications were already confirmed in laboratorial scale ...
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A process to agglomerate wood and cork particles offer
A research group from Chemistry Department (University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro) developed a particle agglomeration process of wood and cork which uses an agglomerating system consisting of a commercially available pre-polymer, a reticulation agent and possibly a catalyst in order to obtain agglomerations of cork and/or wood particles with new characteristics and with new particle compositions ...
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Method for the measurement of the light response of chlorophyll a fluorescence offer
A group of researchers of a Portuguese university has developed a method for the measurement of the in vivo emission of chlorophyll a fluorescence by photosynthetic organisms. This invention allows to measure the photosynthetic activity through the generation of ?light-response curves?, a common way of evaluating the physiological state of plants, algae or other photosynthetic organisms ...
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