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New Electrochemical etching device which allows producing sharp metal wires at the micro- or nanoscale in less than 1 minute offer
A research group a Portuguese University has developed an electrochemical sharpening method which allows producing sharp metal wires at the micro- or nanoscale in less than 1 minute. The invention enables the fast preparation of microelectrodes for immediate use or for recovering with coatings of other materials. Comparing with state-of-the-art methods, this process offers a faster, simpler and less expensive way of producing microelectrodes ...
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Ohmic heating reactor for chemical synthesis offer
A group of researchers from three public universities has developed an ohmic heating reactor for chemical synthesis, particularly in aqueous media. This reactor and the heating method found application in organic and inorganic synthesis, preparation of organometallic materials, synthesis of nanoparticles and polymers, being applicable in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry ...
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Asymmetric heterogeneous catalysts offer
A copper(II) complex with a commercial chiral bis(oxazoline) anchored onto porous solid supports, such as ordered mesoporous silica materials and their respective carbon replicas, acts as an enantioselective heterogeneous catalyst of several organic reactions. The copper(II) bis(oxazoline) complex acts as a known homogeneous catalyst, but it can not be easily separated from the reaction media and the ligand is of high cost ...
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