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Multifunctional Mortars with self-cleaning properties and with heat storage and air depolluting capacities offer
A new method for preparation and use of mortars with application both inside and outsider buildings was developed. This new composition includes chahge-phase materials as well as a type of photocatalytic nanoparticules, together with other ligands. It was also created an assay for studying the heat storage capacity, a reactor that allows for pollutants degradation testing and a self cleaning test ...
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Fast and efficient method for the detection of contaminants yeasts in wine  offer
A laboratory from a Portuguese University has developed a selective culture medium that allows the detection, identification and quantification of contaminants in wine yeast. The method can identify in a fast and efficient way two of the most dangerous yeasts in the food and beverage industry: the Dekkera/ Brettanomyces and the Zygosaccharomyces. The university is looking for partners interested in a license agreement for one or more selective culture medium.
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Heterologous system for expression of lantibiotics offer
A group of researchers from a Portuguese University has developed new search methodologies for new antimicrobial drugs as well as alterations on the genes involved in the biosynthethic pathways of those compounds. A new Heterologous system for in vivo expression of lantibiotics in E.coli was developed. This new process has several advantages namely it allow manipulation of genes from Gram positive bacteria in Gram negative organisms, which, makes the process simplier, faster and effective ...
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