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Synthesis and application of porphyrins in antifungal formulations offer
A group of researchers from a Portuguese university has developed a preparation process of porphyrins, with major application in drug manufacturing for treatment of infections caused by fungi. The advantage of this solution concerns the strong antifungal action of porphyrinic compounds, and addresses the reduced number of drugs in antifungal therapy, which is due to the similarity between human and fungal cells. The university is looking for pharmaceutical companies for joint R&D or licensing.
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Enterprise Knowledge 3.0: Semantic Knowledge Integration and Search System offer
A Portuguese S.M.E. specialized in software development and enterprise content management, developed an innovative solution for enterprise search of all inforation silos on the organization. Companies, government agencies, and other organizations maintain huge amounts of information in electronic form, including spreadsheets, policy manuals, and web pages, to mention just a few ...
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Ceramic slurry with the incorporation of eggshell waste offer
The main goal of present invention is the industrial application of eggshell waste avoiding all the environmental problems of deposing it in a landfill. The advantage of this process is showing that is possible to enlarge the application fields of the residue substituting traditional raw material, calcite, for a low cost material ...
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