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Ceramic slurry with the incorporation of eggshell waste offer
The main goal of present invention is the industrial application of eggshell waste avoiding all the environmental problems of deposing it in a landfill. The advantage of this process is showing that is possible to enlarge the application fields of the residue substituting traditional raw material, calcite, for a low cost material ...
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New process for encapsulating luminescent aluminates used in materials for self-cleaning hygienic surfaces, biomaterials, etc offer
A public Portuguese University has developed a new process for encapsulating luminescent aluminates, which can be used in materials for self-cleaning hygienic surfaces, in the domain of constructive systems, biomedical systems, aquatic or high humidity level systems, antibiotics, vaccines and biomaterials. They are currently looking for companies producers of inorganic phosphorus and inorganic pigments in order to establish licensing agreements
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Novel liposomal prodrugs for the treatment of tuberculosis and other mycobacterioses offer
A group of researchers from a Portuguese University has developed novel antimycobacterial liposomal formulations that not only protect antimycobacterial prodrugs against plasma hydrolysis but also enhance their activity, fighting more efficiently against diseases such as tuberculosis infection. The researchers are looking for academic/industrial partners with expertise in in vivo studies on animal models of tuberculosis for a joint further development agreement.
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