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Method for the measurement of the light response of chlorophyll a fluorescence offer
A group of researchers of a Portuguese university has developed a method for the measurement of the in vivo emission of chlorophyll a fluorescence by photosynthetic organisms. This invention allows to measure the photosynthetic activity through the generation of ?light-response curves?, a common way of evaluating the physiological state of plants, algae or other photosynthetic organisms ...
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New Bioreactor for tissue engineering offer
A group of researchers from a Portuguese University has developed a new bioreactor for tissue engineering. The proposed device allows not only for cell growth but also a deep biochemical and biomechanical characterization of both two-dimensional and tree-dimensional constructs and in real time, without interrupting the cellular growth ...
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Temperature and/or microwave radiation intensity sensor based on optical fiber offer
A group of researchers from a Portuguese university has developed a new real time measurement and mapping sensor of temperatures and/or intensities of microwave radiation in environments with high electromagnetic noise, which finds applications in microwave ovens, and in industrial processes of development, production and quality control. The university is looking for measurement and monitoring devices or microwave ovens manufacturing companies for joint development and licensing.
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