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Novel liposomal prodrugs for the treatment of tuberculosis and other mycobacterioses offer
A group of researchers from a Portuguese University has developed novel antimycobacterial liposomal formulations that not only protect antimycobacterial prodrugs against plasma hydrolysis but also enhance their activity, fighting more efficiently against diseases such as tuberculosis infection. The researchers are looking for academic/industrial partners with expertise in in vivo studies on animal models of tuberculosis for a joint further development agreement.
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Heat Flux Sensor for High Aggressivity Environments offer
An instrument for the measurement of convective and radiative heat fluxes in industrial environments, where high temperatures and particle contamination occur, was developed based on the transient operation of a transpiration radiometer, where a compressed air flow crosses the sensing element ...
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Heterologous system for expression of lantibiotics offer
A group of researchers from a Portuguese University has developed new search methodologies for new antimicrobial drugs as well as alterations on the genes involved in the biosynthethic pathways of those compounds. A new Heterologous system for in vivo expression of lantibiotics in E.coli was developed. This new process has several advantages namely it allow manipulation of genes from Gram positive bacteria in Gram negative organisms, which, makes the process simplier, faster and effective ...
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