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Ohmic heating reactor for chemical synthesis offer
A group of researchers from three public universities has developed an ohmic heating reactor for chemical synthesis, particularly in aqueous media. This reactor and the heating method found application in organic and inorganic synthesis, preparation of organometallic materials, synthesis of nanoparticles and polymers, being applicable in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry ...
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Synthesis and application of porphyrins in antiviral formulations offer
A group of researchers from a Portuguese university has developed a preparation process of porphyrins, with major application in drug manufacturing for treatment of diseases caused by herpes virus infections. The advantage of this solution concerns a new antiviral agent, in non-cytotoxic concentrations, which addresses the existing and future inefficacy of current active substances. The university is looking for pharmaceutical companies for joint development, licensing or future collaboration.
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Method for the measurement of the light response of chlorophyll a fluorescence offer
A group of researchers of a Portuguese university has developed a method for the measurement of the in vivo emission of chlorophyll a fluorescence by photosynthetic organisms. This invention allows to measure the photosynthetic activity through the generation of ?light-response curves?, a common way of evaluating the physiological state of plants, algae or other photosynthetic organisms ...
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