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Synthesis and application of porphyrins in antifungal formulations offer
A group of researchers from a Portuguese university has developed a preparation process of porphyrins, with major application in drug manufacturing for treatment of infections caused by fungi. The advantage of this solution concerns the strong antifungal action of porphyrinic compounds, and addresses the reduced number of drugs in antifungal therapy, which is due to the similarity between human and fungal cells. The university is looking for pharmaceutical companies for joint R&D or licensing.
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Smart embedded system for real-time monitoring of shock absorbers? performance offer
A group of researchers from a Portuguese university has developed a smart-sensor based system suitable to assess in real-time the condition of automotive shock absorbers. This represents a breakthrough in vehicle safety as it allows the driver to know the condition of the shock absorbers during the lifetime of the vehicle, generating an alert when they lose their performance and need replacement. The researchers seek partners for licensing, manufacturing or financial cooperation agreements.
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Tungsten carbide based composite material, the appropriate method of production and application offer
A group of researchers from two Portuguese universities developed a tungsten carbide (WC) based composite with iron-rich binders, using new technologies. The invention aims to obtain composites presenting a phase composition after sintering, such as, apart from the WC and the metallic binder phase, there are substantial amounts of eta carbide phase dispersed in the matrix ...
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